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Sarpy County Teen Court

Sarpy County Teen Court is a Diversion program for first-time juvenile Status or Law Violators. It is an option that allows juveniles to go through a branch of Diversion instead of going to Juvenile or County Court. The Sarpy County Teen Court is monitored by the Teen Court Coordinator.

All juveniles who participate in Teen Court are screened by Diversion Officers. Teen Court is available to juveniles who are cited for offenses such as shoplifting, criminal mischief, theft, MIP, assault, and trespassing. Participation in Teen Court is on a voluntary basis for minors who admit responsibility for the offense and choose to go before their peers to receive the consequences of their actions. The juveniles who successfully complete Teen Court do not have a conviction on their record. 

Teen Court is composed of volunteer teenagers from local middle schools and high schools. They serve as jurors, bailiffs, and attorneys. Some of the benefits of being a volunteer are the ability to serve the community, improved knowledge of the legal system, a hands-on experience for those interested in careers in law, reference letters for jobs, clubs, and scholarships.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please call 402-593-2207 or send an e-mail to Teen Court

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Jury and Attorney Training Manual

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Leonard Matthias, Coordinator