Child Support Services

Sarpy County

Sarpy County Attorney                                 Chief Deputy County Attorney
L. Kenneth Polikov                                                  Bonnie Moore              

Deputy County Attorney
Sarah Preisinger - Division Lead


Deputy County Attorney
Mark Batt


Deputy County Attorney
Josh Livingston



Welcome to the Sarpy County Child Support Enforcement Office website! This site is designed to provide information of value to our customers. We encourage you to forward your comments to us at any of the addresses and/or telephone numbers listed above.


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U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement

Child support is a dynamic field with policies rules, regulations, and procedures constantly undergoing review and change.

The U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement publishes a variety of resource materials for all interested parties.

One is a monthly report informing readers of the latest developments.

To access this report follow this link

OCSE also publishes an excellent handbook entitled "Child Support Handbook". This contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in child support. Here is the link.

The Office also provides state by state information on changing a child support order. Click  here for Nebraska information.


The Nebraska Child Support Call Center (NCSPC) [1-877-631-9973] is your source for information and the latest updates concerning your child support case.

The toll-free number for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is: 800-831-4573. Requests for review and possible modification of child support orders at least 3 years old may be made to HHS at 800-831-4573 (if calling from Nebraska) or 402-471-9103 (if calling from outside Nebraska)

Information for those needing Emergency Financial Assistance

Nebraska has transitioned to a centralized child support collection and disbursement office. All child support payments made must be sent to this new office to insure prompt processing. Individuals who are under order to pay child support through Sarpy County's District Court should send their payments to the following address:

Nebraska Child Support Payment Center
P.O. Box 82600
Lincoln, NE 68501-2600

Businesses who are under court orders to withhold child and/or spousal support payments from the payroll of their employees have their own address in which to send payments:

Nebraska Child Support Payment Center
P.O. Box 82890
Lincoln, NE 68501-2890

The Payment Center also operates websites for individuals as well as employers, who have questions concerning the processing of child support and spousal support payments. Please click on either of the links below to access these websites:

Nebraska Child Support Payment Center

Nebraska Health and Human Services Department - Child Support Division