County Board

Sarpy County


The County Board meets every Tuesday in the County Boardroom (Administration Building) located at 1210 Golden Gate Drive in Papillion. County Board meetings are typically held at 3 p.m.

Board meetings will be held at their normal time starting at 3 p.m. and agendas will continue to be posted on our website by Friday at 4 p.m.. for the upcoming Tuesday meeting.

See BOARD MEETINGS for the County Board Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Audio, and to LISTEN LIVE.


The powers of the County as a political body are carried out by the County Board as follows

  • Oversees all County funds and County business.
  • Manages all County roads and right-of-ways and maintains a comprehensive One and Six Year Road Program.
  • Examines all accounts, receipts and expenditures.
  • Created our Planning Commission to make, adopt, amend, extend and implement our Comprehensive Development Plan and adopted our zoning rules and regulations.
  • Annually levies and collects taxes.
  • Provides suitable courthouse, jail and other necessary County buildings.
  • Has the power to sell, convey, exchange or lease any real or personal estate owned by the County and is involved in all County real estate transactions.

Lobbying Information

Sarpy County employs a part-time lobbyist who focuses on state government issues on behalf of the County Board and County Elected Officials. Sarpy County is also a member of the Nebraska Association of County Officials.

Nebraska Association of County Officials Annual Dues Budgeted $8,242
National Association of Counties Annual Dues Budgeted $2,385
Catalyst Public Affairs Group, Registered Lobbyist Annual Retainer $42,667