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Sarpy Strong Wellness Program

Sarpy County is excited to announce that we are in the initial stages of developing a wellness program. A wellness committee has been formed that will guide wellness efforts within the County.

What is an employee wellness program?
An employee wellness program should promote and support the health, safety and well-being of its employees. It may improve staff health, morale and productivity. It should encourage and support staff to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Personal Health Assessment Enrollment

2018-2019 Incentive Form.pdf

Sarpy County Wellness Incentive Program

The County Board recently approved a generous Wellness Incentive Program. The Program is open to all benefit eligible employees and spouses of County employees enrolled in the County’s health insurance. 

Employees and Spouses who are eligible to participate must meet the following:

  1. Employee must be benefit eligible and enrolled on the County’s health insurance.
  2. Benefit eligible, but not enrolled on the County’s health insurance; the employee will need their physician to complete the 2019 Physican Form for the incentive. 
  3. For spousal incentive, spouse must be enrolled on the County’s health insurance.

The Program has three components:

  1. Two “Wellness Activities” completed between January 1 and April 30, 2019, with the exception of following events offered by the County: Flu Shot Clinic (9/21/2018); Crime Stoppers 5X on 10/20/2018; and the Lunch and Learn on 9/27/2018.
  2. Health Risk Assessment (HRA)*; and
  3. Biometric Screening*

* The HRA and Biometric Screening will be offered in March 2019.

Approved Wellness Activities include: Please check back for updates

  • Crime Stoppers 5K run/walk on Oct. 20, 2018. REGISTER HERE
  • Get a flu shot. Sarpy County will hold a Flu Shot Clinic  on Sept. 21, 2018.
  • Sarpy County sponsored lunch-and-learn event. Upcoming sessions will be scheduled for September 2018 and in January/February 2019. You are welcome (and encouraged) to attend more than one lunch and learn, but only one counts as a wellness activity.
  • Work out at home or at a gym. Must log a minimum of two 20-minute workouts per week during an eight-week period. Use this form to log your workouts.
  • Healthy Wage Challenge
  • Watch two online health-based presentations sponsored by Sarpy’ County’s Wellness Vendor. Click to view the videos.
  • Two health coaching sessions (i.e. Nurse Advocate Program) with Sarpy County’s Wellness Vendor.
  • Attend a Tobacco Cessation program.

Should all of the requirements be met, the employee gets to choose one of two incentives:

  • Vacation leave: 12 hours of vacation leave will be credited to the employee’s vacation leave balance.  In addition, if the employee’s spouse is eligible to participate and completes the HRA and biometric screening, the employee will receive an additional 8 hours of vacation leave credited to his or her vacation leave balance. Sarpy County employees who are married to other Sarpy County employees may only receive 12 hours of vacation leave each. 
  • Gift card: $100 gift card for the employee. $50 gift card if the spouse i on the County's health insurance and completes the Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening. Note: employee gift cards are taxable income.
~~~~~ Completed Incentive Form (with Proof of Activities and Selection of Incentive) are to be submitted as ONE packet.  Packets will be accepted by Human Resources between  APRIL 1 - APRIL 30, 2019 ~~~~~

2018-2019 Incentive Form
2019 Sarpy Physician Form.pdf
2019 Sarpy County Wellness Information Packet
Sarpy County Wellness Program FAQ_.pdf

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources at 402-593-4465.