Wastewater Agency: Sewer partnership with Omaha approved

Sarpy County

Wastewater Agency: Sewer partnership with Omaha approved

October 16, 2020

Through historic cooperation, the Sarpy County and Cities Wastewater Agency finalized an agreement with the City of Omaha for wastewater treatment service in southern Sarpy County.

Waste collected in the new sewer system will flow to one of Omaha’s two existing treatment facilities, which means the Agency will not need to build its own treatment facility.

“Governments work best when they work together, and this partnership is a perfect example of that philosophy in action. With Omaha processing the wastewater from our system, we’re looking at potentially saving tens of millions of dollars because we won’t need to build our own treatment plant.  And Omaha’s going to get a boost in revenue from the added users,” said Sarpy County Board Chair Don Kelly, who also serves as the chair of the Wastewater Agency Board.

The Omaha City Council approved the agreement recently. The agency board signed off in August.

The new Unified Southern Sarpy Wastewater System will be built in phases over the next 40 years and eventually serve most of the land south of the natural ridgeline that divides the county.

Work is already underway on designs for the first phase of the project, which will bring sewer to an area known as the Zwiebel Creek watershed. It stretches from roughly 84th to 60th streets between Highway 370 and Capehart Road.

“Sarpy County is on the precipice of tremendous growth,” Kelly said. “Development in southern Sarpy County will benefit not only the county and cities, but the entire metro area and the entire state.”

Read the agreement between the Wastewater Agency and the City of Omaha here.