Sarpy County's COVID-19 information

Sarpy County

Sarpy County's COVID-19 information

May 21, 2020
Sarpy County residents, 
After weeks of careful planning, Sarpy County government offices reopened to the public by appointment only on May 18. We appreciate your patience while we made changes to our offices that allow us to serve you in a safe and efficient way.
When you visit the courthouse, you will find glass or plexiglass barriers at all customer counters, touchless hand sanitizer stations throughout the building, and signs and floor markings that indicate appropriate social distancing.
Even though we are offering appointments, I strongly encourage those who need county services to continue to access them on our website or by calling or emailing our departments. Click here for a list of county services, phone numbers and email addresses.
Don Kelly 
Chairman, Sarpy County Board of Commissioners 

Make an appointment with a Sarpy County

Appointments are available from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. As a service to our older residents, we are reserving appointments between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. for seniors only.

People are encouraged to wear a face mask or homemade cloth face covering while in the Courthouse.

Appointments are available for the following offices: Treasurer, County Clerk/Register of Deeds, Assessor, Planning & Building, Veterans Services and Clerk of the District Court.

Click here for instructions on how to make an appointment.

The District, County and Juvenile Courts remain open. All hearings will proceed as scheduled unless other arrangements have been made. If you have business with the courts, park in the west parking lot and use the west entrance to the Courthouse.

Restrictions on bars, gyms, salons, theaters and gatherings to relax June 1

Please be aware of several changes to the Governor's Directed Health Measure in that will go into effect in Sarpy County starting Monday, June 1. 
Bars and bottle clubs. These businesses may reopen with restrictions:

  • Number of customers must not exceed 50% occupancy.
  • Customers must remain seated unless they are placing an order or going to the restroom.
  • Groups must be seated at least six feet apart
  • Groups limited to six people or less. Larger groups must be seated at multiple tables.
  • Food can not be consumed at bar seating.

Beauty services industry. Hair/nail salons, barber shops, massage therapy services and tattoo parlors will be allowed to have 25 customers inside the building or 50% of the building’s occupancy. Chairs and stations must be 6 feet apart. Customers and workers are required to wear masks. Customers will be allowed to remove their mask while receiving services from an esthetician.

Gyms, fitness centers, health clubs and health spas. Will be limited to the greater of 25 people (excluding staff) or 50% occupancy. Must ensure a minimum of 6 feet is maintained between all patrons. 
Wedding and funeral reception venues. These businesses will be limited to 25 people (excluding staff) or 50% occupancy. Must have 6 feet of separation between groups, and groups are limited to 6 people. Larger groups must be seated at different tables. Self-serve buffets and salad bars are prohibited. No dancing or activities that require guests to leave their seats.
Gatherings. Gatherings will be limited to the greater of 25 people (excluding staff) or 25% of occupancy – not to exceed 3,000 people – for gatherings held at indoor or outdoor arenas, indoor or outdoor auctions, stadiums, tracks, fairgrounds, festivals, zoos, auditoriums, large event conference rooms, meeting halls, indoor theaters, libraries, swimming pools or any other confined indoor or outdoor space.

  • Parades, carnivals, midways, dances, street dances and beer gardens are prohibited through June 30. That date may be extended.
  • Dance recitals are permitted but must follow all other gathering requirements
  • Drive-in movie theaters may open at full capacity as long as customers remain in their vehicles while the movie is playing. Gathering at concession stands or bathrooms are not permitted.
  • Before they can reopen, indoor and outdoor locations/venues that hold 500 or more people must submitted a reopening plan to the Sarpy/Cass Health Department and have it approved. The plan must contain the planned number of guests as well as how the location will meet social distancing and sanitation guidelines.

 The following restrictions will remain in place:

  • Childcare. Childcare facilities may have up to 15 children per room/space. All other state provisions, including child-to-staff ratios still apply.
  • Elective surgeries. Elective surgeries, both medical and dental, may resume. Hospitals must keep 1/3 of their general and ICU beds as well as ventilators available. They must also have a two-week supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand at their facility. Some dental practices may choose to remain closed past May 4. Check with your provider.  
  • Religious services. Places of worship may resume services as long as they 1) ensure people can maintain six feet of separation between households and 2) do not pass items among worshippers. Weddings and funerals with more than 10 attendees may resume, as well, following the same guidelines. The Governor’s Office has provided recommendations, which include staying home from services if you are elderly, have underlying medical conditions or are sick. View the guidance from the Governor’s Office here.  
  • Restaurants. Restaurants may offer dine-in eating, but with restrictions. Restaurants must 1) limit the number of customers not to exceed 50% occupancy, 2) seat customers at least six feet apart, and 3) restrict groups to parties of six or less. Self-serve buffets, salad bars, bar seating and customer self-service are prohibited. View additional restaurant guidance from the Governor’s Office here. Please note that some restaurants are voluntarily remaining takeout/delivery-only at this time. 

Local police departments and the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office will enforce the Directe Health Measures. For questions regarding enforcement, email [email protected]

Sarpy/Cass Health Department public health recommendations 

Public health officials continue to recommend several safety measures to keep you and your loved ones healthy. 
Certain people are at higher risk of getting very ill from COVID-19, including older adults and people who have serious or chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or lung disease. 
People in these higher-risk groups should: 
  • Stay home as much as possible. 
  • When you go out in public, maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and others and wear a cloth face mask. 
  • Avoid crowds as much as possible. 
  • Stay away from others who are sick. 
  • Wash your hands often. 

Interactive dashboard shows COVID-19 cases in Sarpy by ZIP code 
Interactive dashboard shows COVID-19 cases in Sarpy by ZIP code 

You can view detailed information about cases of COVID-19 in Sarpy County on our interactive dashboard. View the dashboard here. 
The dashboard shows not only the number of cases by ZIP code, but breaks down the data by gender, age and type of exposure in Sarpy and Cass counties. It also shows the number of people tested in each countand number of recoveries. 
View a statewide COVID-19 dashboard here 

Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office will help pickup food and medication for seniors, caregivers 
Sheriff’s Office will help pickup food and medication for seniors, caregivers 

Do you need help picking up groceries or medication? The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office and Sarpy County Human Services continue to provide such assistance for older and ill residents during the COVID-19 pandemic event. 
Seniors, people who are sick and caretakers of people in these demographics in Sarpy County can call the Sarpy County Sheriff Helpline at (402) 593-1593. A uniformed Sarpy County Sheriff’s Deputy in a marked cruiser will then pick up and deliver medication, food or other necessities from one of the partnering establishments. 
To reduce contact and the spread of COVID-19, Deputies will use drive-thrus when available. They will leave residents’ items at the door and wait to leave until the items are retrieved. 
The following grocery stores/pharmaceutical providers are participating in this program: 
  • Walgreens – all five Sarpy locations. (Pharmacy orders) 
  • Walmart – 72nd and Centennial. (Pharmacy and groceries)
  • Target – 84th and Centennial. (Pharmacy and groceries) 
  • Baker’s – 36th & Twin Creek and 801 Galvin Road. (Pharmacy and groceries) 
  • Hyvee – all three Sarpy locations. (Groceries only)
  • Springfield Drug – Springfield. (Pharmacy only)
  • Kohlls Pharmacy – 1413 Washington Street Suite 125 and 12741 Q Street
  • Tri-City Pantry – available to Papillion and La Vista residents
  • Gretna Neighbors Pantry
  • Bellevue Pantry
The helpline will be available for requests Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The helpline is not a substitute for 911 and any threats to life or property should be directed to 911.

Continue to renew your vehicle registration online or by mail/drop box through May 31 

Vehicle registration renewals must be done online or via mail/drop box through May 31, Sarpy County Treasurer Brian Zuger announced. 
Renewals account for much of the traffic at the Courthouse and the Treasurer’s Office wants members of the public to consider every option before seeking in-person service when Courthouse reopens. 
As a reminder, Gov. Pete Ricketts has extended the expiration date for vehicle titles and registrations that expired on or after March 1. The extension will remain in effect until 30 days after the order is lifted. Does this apply to you? Read the FAQ. 

Firearms Purchase Certificates 

The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office is not accept walk-in requests for Firearms Purchase Certificates. 
If you would like to apply for a Firearms Purchase Certificate, application packets are located in the vestibule of the main entrance of the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office. The packet includes directions on how to fill out the application, information about what documentation is needed, a cover sheet for your name and phone number as well as the application itself. 

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