Veterans Service Committee

Sarpy County

The Sarpy County Veterans Service Committee is created in accordance with NE State Statute 80-407. Committee members are Veterans, representatives and members of the various Veteran service organizations in the County. They are appointed to the Committee by the County Commissioners to serve a five year term.

The Committee, in conjunction with the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs, is required to appoint a County Veterans Service Officer, establish programs of assistance, and approve procedures for carrying out all Veteran-related programs.

The goal of the Committee is to meet in a public meeting two times a year to establish policy and procedures for the administration and operations of the Sarpy County Veterans Service Office. In support of this policy, the Committee strives to provide professionally accredited Veteran advocates to ensure outstanding service to the Military Retirees, Veterans, and their dependents and surviving dependents in Sarpy County.

Veterans Service Committee

Member Term Expires
Cindy R Loraas 06/30/2017
Jeffrey G Johnson 06/30/2018
Ronald D Ingram 06/30/2019
James D Pape   06/30/2020
James A Costello 06/30/2021

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