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Public Record Information Page

Sarpy County Register of Deeds records all properly presented documents that pertain to land in Sarpy County. We also record Federal and State Tax Liens.

Our records are indexed by legal land description and alphabetically by grantor and grantee. A book and page number would be assigned to documents recorded prior to January 1988, an instrument number is assigned to each document effect January 1, 1988.

Documents may be viewed by our Sarpy County document imaging system. They may be accessed by the recorded instrument number assigned to the document. The Sarpy County Register of Deeds started electronic imaging all documents July 1, 1997 to present. All documents recorded prior to July 1, 1997 can be viewed by coming to our office and pulling indexed microfilm aperture cards and viewing them on micro-film viewers.

Hard Copies of micro-filmed or imaged documents are available, Please see Fee Schedule.

We do not provide search or research services. We will have a public assistance employee available to help you with our systems if you come to our office.