Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

Sarpy County
  1. Roll Call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Public Announcement: This is a public meeting subject to the Nebraska Open Meetings Act. A current copy of the law is located on the north wall of the County Board Room.
  4. Introduction of Planning Staff and Legal Counsel.

CONSENT AGENDA    Note:  All consent items are automatically approved when the consent agenda is approved unless removed by a board member.  Removed items will be placed under Regular Agenda Items for action by the Planning Commission.

  1. Approval of Minutes from the July 18, 2017 meeting.PC Minutes DRAFT

​          Motion on Consent Agenda.


  1. PUBLIC HEARING AND RECOMMENDATION:   Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church has submitted applications for consideration of a Change of Zone from AG (Agricultural Farming District) to RE2 (Residential Estates II District), and a Preliminary Plat and Final Plat of a subdivision to be known as Divine Shepherd, Lots 1 and 2, being a platting of part Taxlot 6 of the south half of the southeast quarter of Section 16, Township 14N, Range 11E of the 6th P.M., Sarpy County, NE.  Generally located northwest of S 168th Street and Giles Road.Staff Report Divine Shepherd - CZ, PP, FP  

    Motion on Change of Zone (CZ 17-010).
    Motion on Preliminary Plat (PP 17-009).
    Motion on Final Plat (FP 17-013).

  2. PUBLIC HEARING AND RECOMMENDATION: Sarpy County Planning Department requests approval of text amendments to the following section of the Sarpy County Zoning Regulations:  Section 36 - Wireless Tower Regulations.Staff Report Zoning Text Amendment Section 36 Wireless Tower Regulations

    Motion on Text Amendment (MISC 17-005).


  1. Commissioner's Report(s)
  2. Planning Director's Report
    • Next Currently Scheduled Meeting: Tuesday, September 19, 2017.


Note:  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings.  Individuals requiring physical or sensory accommodations should contact the Planning Department five (5) days prior to the meeting at 402-593-1555.

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